Personalized Healthcare… The Way It Should Be

We are excited about our new concierge medical practice, which opened May 1, 2015, patient-focused and very personalized…which provides both physician and patient with more quality time together…not only to delve into complex issues but to focus on prevention and wellness. At Glenville Medical Concierge Care you receive same-day appointments or within 24 hours of your call for acute needs, and are seen promptly, in an unhurried fashion. An expanded annual Comprehensive Wellness Exam is the cornerstone of your personalized wellness plan, created to help you feel your best. Our new practice allows us to be with you whenever and wherever you need a medical advocate. For more information, please call our Patient Information Line (203) 681-2673. Learn More


Timely office visits

You will be seen on the same day or within 24 hours of your call for your acute care needs. Your appointment time will be honored and you will be seen promptly, in an unhurried fashion. We intend to insure there will be ample opportunity to address your medical needs at each visit. In general, your annual wellness exam will be approximately 60-90 minutes in length and all other appointments will be 30 minutes in length.

Direct phone access to your physician

During office hours there will no longer be an automated phone system. Our staff will personally answer your calls directly and will assist you with your needs. You are encouraged to call with any questions or concerns you have regarding your health. If your physician is unable to take your call immediately, your call will be returned promptly. However, if you deem your problem “urgent”, your physician will make every effort to speak with you at the time of your call.

Friendly technology and "virtual" consults

We are fortunate to have at our fingertips other modes of communication besides a traditional telephone. If you are out of town or otherwise unable to come to the office, as appropriate and on a case-by-case basis, we will offer consultations “virtually” via telecommunications.

Peace of mind if you are ill or hospitalized

When serious illness, injury, or hospitalization occurs, we will be there as your advocate and help coordinate your care. After all, we are the doctors who know you best.

House calls

If you are ill or otherwise unable to come to the office, a house call may be offered at no additional charge beyond an office visit fee, on a case-by-case basis at your physician’s discretion.

Timely newsletters focused on relevant topics

Our practice will provide a periodic newsletter on relevant medical subjects of interest and nutritional topics. These will be mailed to our patients’ homes and additionally will be available on this website.

A strong focus on long term health and wellness

We will focus on prevention and wellness, not just taking care of you when you are ill. Our definition of wellness includes fitness, nutrition, and emotional well-being. We recognize for those who truly value their health, having a personal physician as your advocate is the ideal relationship. As a patient, you will receive an expanded annual Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation, which will be the cornerstone of your personalized wellness plan, created to keep you feeling your best.